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Construction Group Has a Plan for More Jobs

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LAS VEGAS -- The construction industry was hit hardest in the economic meltdown, but a group called the Building Jobs Coalition says they have a proposal that would create 100,000 new jobs in Nevada, if approved.

It would provide construction jobs, like what Tivoli Village is doing. The 26 page job strategy from the coalition suggests ways to get the economy back on track and people back to work. But the proposal will first have to get approved by the legislature.

Right now, there are hundreds of names on the unemployment board at the Labors Union. They are all construction workers desperately seeking work -- any work.

"It's hard on the families. You have to wait on the list here," said Alejandro Rubio.

Rubios name was taken down three weeks ago. He finally got job building solar panels near Stateline. That job is expect to employ about 1,100 more workers.

Solar and wind construction happens to be on Steve Holloway's plan to open up 100,000 new jobs in Nevada.

"What we propose is a bunch of short term measures that would put a significant number of these people back to work," he said.

The 25 pages outline various ideas on how to create jobs, ideas that Holloway and his colleagues from the Building Jobs Coalition came up with. One of them is building those solar panels. Another is taking a portion of the state fuel tax and indexing it for inflation.

"They're doing that in Washoe County. If we were to index the fuel tax in our state, that would immediately create between 3,000 to 4,000 jobs," he said. "If the legislature acts quickly, we can start seeing the results in the beginning of March of this year."

The money used for highway construction would employ thousands. Some are skeptical about the plan. But people like Rubio think it is a good idea.

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