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01/12/11 Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Saves Lives

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Today on Wednesday'C child --- a word about the kids who don't get adopted.... The ones who "age-out" of the system, and yes... Can even end up homeless.   There is a place for them, and it's the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

"After a while I just lost the place I was living because of drugs and all that stuff."

David's situation is common...but no story is typical... And not all places offer the same help.  
David finally got clean of drugs at Westcare, but then what?

"I just went to an officer and told him I didn't have anyplace to go, and he took me to a shelter.," admits David.

That shelter turned out to be the Nevada Partnership For Homeless Youth.   Probably the only service in town that did not need a parent or a guardian to sign-off.

"They need shelter, they need something to eat, a lot of these kids that we see have nothing more than the clothes on their backs, and their backpacks, eating out of dumpsters, not knowing where they're going to sleep," says Tim Mullin, the Executive Director of the program.

At the shelter all their basic needs are met... Food, clothing, housing. In return, they expect the kids to go to school, get a job, take a life-skills class, and some therapy.   The cut-off is age 21...but no one has ever reached the cut-off.

"They've simply done everything for me...I guess, I started all over...stay off drugs, have a home, go back to school...I want to join the military.   I'm able now," says David with pride.

David's one of the great kids we have in our program...you know,  from day one he's wanted to help himself, and get himself cleaned-up, get himself off the streets, and you know, he's working towards going into the Marines....but in the meantime, he's going to college right now, he's got his GED with us, and he's really looking toward the future, and he's excited about his prospects.

Finding the Nevada Partnership For Homeless Youth is easy.   Look for the Safe-Place symbol.   Any Terrible Herbst convenience store,all R-T-C  buses, and any County Fire Department will see that you get there.   All you have to do is ask.

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