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Melissa Clearly Wants a Forever Family

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(July 30) -- Wednesday's Child has a birthday this week. Her name is Melissa and she'll be a teenager in just a few days. Usually by that age, kids are too embarrassed to be on TV asking to be adopted, but not Melissa, she's eager to find a forever home. In fact, her social workers told us she dreams about having her own family someday.

With all the distractions kids have today, you gotta be impressed with an almost-13-yr-old who honestly admits she likes reading more than just about anything. So we went to the library, walked the stacks, and stopped where our eyes led us.

Melissa loves reading and art; in fact, she was drawn to books that showed artwork. But she is not afraid to admit that her favorite books are "Harry Potter." She's read them all and seen the movies, she say.

Melissa came into the foster care system about 3 years ago when the abuse and neglect got bad enough to remove her from her natural parents. She gets steady therapy for those emotional scars, but by all appearances, Melissa is a sweet, mild-mannered, and helpful child...something that was obvious when I asked her "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"A nurse."

"Really?! Why do you want to be a nurse?"

"Beause I want to help people who are sick."

Melissa says she's good at math, likes the Lakers basketball team, and wants a pet fish.

She also made it clear she wants a forever family. Her caregivers now suggest she'd thrive best in a two-parent, or single-mother family where Melissa can be the youngest or only child.

Melissa is free and clear for adoption, so if there's room in your heart and home for a well-mannered almost-teen, call the Adoption Exchange right away to get the process started. Here's the number: 800-451-5246. 

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