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Meet 10-year-old Matthew

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(July 23) -- Wednesday's child is a bright-eyed 10-yr-old named Matthew, and while he has some special needs. his greatest need is for a permanent loving home.

They say the eyes are a window to the soul, if so, Matthew's eyes speak volumes -- that's because for much of his childhood, Matthew himself could not speak. Now that's changing thanks to his loving and persistent foster family.

"Uh, well, one of the changes that we've seen is when Matthew came with us, he had a 10-word vocabulary and now he can say anything," said Anna, Matthew's foster mother.

Matthew has cerebral palsy and needs his wheelchair to get around but thanks to surgery and therapy, he can walk. One thing's for sure, he has his own mind about things. Going shopping at the Discovery Museum store, he made it clear to me the things he definitely did not want in his shopping cart.

"I think that Matthew is very intelligent, I think a lot of people, they see Matthew, and they don't think that he has an ability to do a lot, but his mind works very well, he knows what he wants," says his foster mother.

Matthew likes school, loves being out-of-doors, and is generally very healthy, but all his food needs to be pureed, and he is on medication to control muscle spasms. Still, he's getting very strong.

"Yeah, the right arm, he can do a lot with his right arm, he will walk around, then push himself, and stuff like that, um, his left arm doesn't work as well, but you know, that will take time," said Anna.

The metal drum was one thing that really captured Matthew's attention prompting a little further exploration. The loving commitment of his foster family has brought Matthew to where he is in his development today.

When I asked his foster mother what's the most important trait his adoptive parents should have she said it was obvious: " love him, love will just change everything. He knows exactly what's going on around him, who's around him." She added, "He is a joy."

If you'd like to share the joy with Matthew, call the Adoption Exchange right away to get the process started. Here's the number: 800-451-5246.

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