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Walmart Offers $1 Million to Fight Hunger

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LAS VEGAS -- $1 million is up for grabs to one community in America who needs help fighting hunger. Walmart is putting on a challenge and the city that's get that money and it will be decided by voters on Facebook.

One city will get $1 million and five others will get $100,000. All you need to do is log on and vote via Facebook for which city you feel is the most deserving.

While the need is great through out the country, many believe no one else needs help more than southern Nevada.

For the past three months, Ryan Nellis has made his usually trip to Catholic Charities for assistance. Like many others, what he needs the most are groceries.

"It means the world. It's a matter of eating tonight or not eating tonight," he said.

The organization says they use to help about 75 people per day. But just in the past six months, that number has jumped significantly.

"We have now seen that number increase to nearly 300 clients in need of food on a daily basis," said Phillip Hollon, vice president of plaza services for Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities says the people in need aren't of any specific race or background. In fact, many are first time clients.

"In the past they've been able to donate items, but now they are in a situation where they need to receive some help from us," said Hollon.

"When it comes to hunger and assistance, there is no discrimination. Everybody needs it," said Nellis.

Galadrial Estrada also loaded up on what she could from Catholic Charities.

"We are on food stamps. It's just incredibly hard to make ends meet right now," she said.

However, with a family of four that includes three children, she admits it's difficult to make things stretch.

"Usually by the end of the month we are trying to scrape together for meals," she said.

When it comes to fighting hunger in America, many believe southern Nevada needs help the most. But as badly as they want that to change, for now, many will continue to struggle putting food on the table.

Certainly $100,000 would go a long way to fight hunger in southern Nevada, but $1 million would go even farther.

If you'd like to help in trying to win Las Vegas that money, check out the web page.

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