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11/17/10 Adoptions DO Happen!

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Wednesday's Child celebrates National Adoption Month today with one of the most heart-warming adoption success stories in the valley.   Dave Courvoisier takes us into a home where with 10 children, and half of them are adopted.

'Never a dull moment with this family.   All the kids you see playing here are special needs, medically fragile, adopted children... All thriving because of this couple:  Kim and Rick.

"They bring a smile to my face every morning.   Every morning!  every morning I get up," says adoptive mother, Kim.

Kim feels a calling to help kids.   On the streets herself at age 12, pregnant at 15... She knows how disconnected foster kids feel.

"I get it.   I know what it's like not to know where you to be from one day to the next, or if you have someone to care for you, or to hold your hand.   I know what that's like," Kim admits.

Together with Kim 26 years, Rick said he always knew he'd have a big family.

"When I was young I always want a lot of kids you know when I grow up I want to have 10 kids why I said that I didn't know lo and behold, we have 10 kids," says Adoptive Dad, Rick, laughing.

Kim home-schools her kids until grade 9.   Older kids help with the younger ones.   It's a busy house, but they make it work.

"I know I'm making a difference in their life, and that makes me happy.   I'm doing something for somebody else, and that's what we should all be about is doing something else," explains Kim.

"It's about saving the children.   That's what it's about.   They are our future and if nobody you know give back to them.   What will they have to give to society?" asks Rick.

Both Kim and Rick offer this encouragement to anyone considering adoption:

"Make it jump of faith.   Lean on what your heart is telling you not which are mind is telling you.   Because each one of these kids have a story to tell.   And you need to be part of that book," says Kim.

Hundreds of children are adoptable here in Las Vegas.
You can begin the process right away by calling the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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