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11/10/10 Joshua's Repeat Appearance Here Should Be His Last

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Wednesday's Child today is a little boy who first appeared on our program in may of this year.   Why he's back now we'll never know, 'cause he's about as precious as they come.   And as Dave Courvoisier reports...he has quite a personality.

Remember this bubbly little guy?  We introduced him to you earlier this year, and we just knew he'd get grabbed-up right away by someone.   He did get adopted, but for reasons we can't go into...the adoption failed.   So the good news is...he's back.

Today, Joshua is a little bigger, but still just as cute as can be....and fearless... For a two-and-a-half-year-old, he didn't seem at all intimidated by the goats in this petting zoo.

Joshua has some special needs, but as you can see, he has a heart of gold, and is very ambitious.

"Joshua is a little boy who loves to explore, he loves the movie cars, he enjoys Mickey mouse," says Gina, his adoption recruiter.

"He's just has a lot of energy so definitely if your family that is looking for this little boy you better put your running shoes on because you better be ready to run after him," she adds.

Yes, you'll need some get-up-and-go to keep Joshua challenged.   He's always into something...curious, and seeking.

"He understands things.   If you teach them something.   He remembers something," explains Gina.

At this tender age, though, Joshua needs to be secure, loved, and treasured by a permanent family.

He would do well right now with a two parent home or even a single parent, he is just really ready and open for love right now. You look at his face and you would definitely love to have him in your home," admits Gina.

Hundreds of children are adoptable here in Las Vegas.
You can begin the process right away by calling the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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