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10/27/10 Miguel, Betty & Marisol Deserve Only the Best

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Three siblings makes a bond, but it doesn't make a family.   For that, you need a mom 'n' dad, which is exactly what we're seeking for Miguel, Marisol, and Betty in today's Wed's Child

We had a heckuva time trying to keep up with this set of three:  two sisters and a brother, at Gameworks.

Especially the oldest, Miguel, who is aaalll boy.

"Yes he's typical and if we have any raiders fans out there… he loves the raiders," says Gina with a laugh.  Gina is responsible for recruiting an adoptive home through the County's Division of Family Services

Gina says Miguel feels responsible for his two little sisters, Betty and Marisol.   But Betty is only one year younger, and quite accomplished.

"She's just a little girl.   She's a girly girl.   She loves her nails to be painted… she loves to do all those kinds of things but she also likes games and she's another one.   The two oldest children.   They are very good swimmers.   She will be on the swim team one day probably," adds Gina.

And Marisol, the youngest, is just a loving little girl.

"Marisol is six years old.   She loves to have that one-on-one time.   She loves to play games.   She enjoys dolls, she enjoys things that any little six-year-old would enjoy," explains Gina.

All three need to stay together in an adoption.

"Yes that is all part of the dynamic trio.   They definitely need to stay together. They're very bonded their very respectful to each other.   It's just one of those things you know that they were brought up together and they establish a bond and nobody can ever break," admits Gina.

DFS is hoping for a family to provide structure, but most of all....love.

"They really enjoy family so we got a family out there that is willing to take on this dynamic trio, and take all of the things that come with them which is all the great things.   They do have some special needs. But those special needs i believe are actually overcome with lots of love.   Lots of love," mentions Gina.

Miguel, Betty, and Marisol are ready and waiting to be adopted into the right family.

If that could be you and your home, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335 to get the process started.

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