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9/22/2010 Elijah is an Extremely Enjoyable 8-year-old

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8 years old is a wonderful age to be.   For today's Wednesday's Child, 8 years old is a wonderful age to be adopted.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to "Elijah"

We're back at U-swirl, a favorite Wednesday's Child location for all the yummy treats.   Our focus today is Elijah...you'll meet the other 8-yr-old -- Zack -- next week.

Elijah's the one with the light-blue shirt, the infectious smile, and an abundance of extra energy.

"He is happy-go-lucky all of energy...um...very polite, well mannered just a happy kid always has a smile," says Constance, his Adoption recruiter.

Elijah is in the second grade.   He loves helping around the house, sports, and wants a family with pets. And make no mistake, he does want a home...telling me he knew exactly why we visited with our cameras this day.

"Put me on TV adopt me and put so I can have a pretty good home," says Elijah.

"He has a lot of potential because he wants to learn he wants to be that kid and he likes people, so he wants to be that kid with the attention and of course you can tell he's a loving kid who anybody would want to have someone like him around the house," adds Constance.,

Elijah needs a permanent family with patience, structure, and lots of energy.

"I would think somebody that's really structured somebody who knows how to give some tough love, not just the baby love.   For him, he really needs structure, a lot of structure and keep him busy sports.   I think for him yeah some of sports and lots of running burn off some of that energy," admits Constance.

Elijah is free for adoption.   You can get the process started by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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