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9/15/2010 Brother Sisters Pair To Remember

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A brother-sister pair is the focus on Wednesday's Child today.   'All-American kids with all the hopes and dreams others have, only no family to help them get there.   Dave Courvoisier reports.

We're back at Grimaldi' Pizza again, and you may remember Joseph from last time, but this week, we're focusing on Antwuan and Jrunisha...watching carefully as the pizza chef here does his thing... They were fascinated.

Almost as much as they were fascinated with the dough they gave us to play with.

Jrunisha is 9 and her brother, Antwaun is 12... Right now they live with a relative, but it's not permanent.

"She loves them she wants to have a relationship with them, but long-term she realizes that this is not going to be her home is not going to be a viable resource for them long term.   And so she's giving us an opportunity to find a resource that can be appropriate for them," explains Vicki, their case worker.

While they want to stay in touch with their extended family, Antwaun and Jrunisha understand their situation, and are looking forward to a new family.

"For a loving family that's caring," says Antwuan.

Jrunisha is a social butterfly with lots of friends, and wants to be a cheerleader.

 "Well, I do math and I play at recess eat lunch play with my friends talk and stuff," admits Jrunisha.

Antwaun loves school and sports, and has big plans for what he wants to be when he grows up: "A businessman or a football player and a basketball player."

It's clear, though, they're bonded to each other, and want to stay that way.

"They're both so flexible and open and so honest about their situation and their comfortable talking about what their situation is so I think they're going to be a very easy to accept sibling group absolutely,"  You know what, honestly, they just need a resource that understands how important family is," explains Vickie.

These two would love a dog, and they're open to having brothers and sisters.

If you think there might be a place for Antwaun and Jrunisha in your home, please contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right away.

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