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9/08/2010 Joseph is Incredibly Resilient, But Needs a Family.

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Children never lose the hope to belong.   Even after failed placements, and foster care, the desire is still there...as it is for today's Wednesday's Child:  Joseph

We're at Grimaldi's Pizza for our Wed's Child shoot.   Joseph has the blond hair, and the brother/sister pair at the table with us, you'll meet next week on Wed's Child.

We're all having fun playing with the real pizza dough they gave us, although we aren't nearly as practiced with it as the chef here  ...

I Was impressed with Joseph right off the bat, he's a respectful and bright...he likes to draw, and really likes to read.

"Often will go to the library and he'll look through the art books, and will check something out and he'll get motivated to go in that direction.   He likes to read.   He really likes to read.   If he gets a book you can't put it down," says Steven, Joseph's Case worker.

At 14, Joseph clearly wants a permanent family.   I asked him point blank, and he said:

"That's awesome that would be nice!"

Joseph is involved with sports, likes spending time with his friends, and he's a survivor:

"Got a lot I can really work with people that is, hard when I first meet them but I actually start to get better so… so that would not be a problem," says Joseph.

"You know.   Joseph is resilient, incredibly resilient.   And I've seen that over the years and he's overcome so much adversity but I think he could adjust or adapt to a number of homes.   I would really hate to say that he could only fit into this particular home, a foster parent.   That's dedicated that can give a nice balance of discipline emotional love strength commitment and just work with Joseph on through the you know life changes that he's made that's going to be a challenge," adds Steven.

As you can see, Joseph is more than ready for adoption.

If you think there's room for him in your heart and your home, call the office of the Adoption Exchange to get the process started:  the number is 436-6335.

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