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9/01/2010 Shiloh Would Make a Wonderful Adoptive Son

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Any foster child in his teens who openly admits he wants an adoptive family deserves our support.   That's the case with today's Wednesday's Child -- Shiloh

We picked the coolest spot we could find on a hot summer day to meet with Shiloh -- U-Swirl!

And Shiloh had no hesitation picking the flavor and toppings he wanted -- a man of decision!

In fact, Shiloh has a pretty good grasp on a lot of things, given the tough hand he's been dealt lately.   Just now starting the 8th grade, Shiloh wants a home and a family he can call his own:

"He you know he just wants more you know he just wants a family.   He wants a puppy and he wants brothers and sisters.   He just wants someone to be there for him," says Richard, Shiloh's Case Worker.

Shiloh is a good kid who helps around the house, and minds his manners. He wants to play football, and is particularly good at skateboarding.

"Another thing about a home that would be great for him would be that it's very structured home that is going to actually allow him to progress in the things that he wants to do such as the football such as continued to doing his skateboarding him and stuff like that," adds Richard.

Shiloh has no special needs or wants...other than wanting to belong... Being part of a loving family.

"Don't want to like… you know get in trouble like you know move to another foster home and struggle over again so I'm just trying to stay cool and trying to an adoption so I can stay there permanently.   Yeah," Shiloh told us.

"But it'd be nice for him to really have that normal life," says Richard.

Shiloh does have other family members he'd like to stay in touch with, in the Moapa Native American community.

If you think there's a place in your family, and in your home for Shiloh, please call the office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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