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8/25/2010 A Brother/Sister Pair Seeking a Loving Home

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The brother/sister pair on Wed's Child today are pretty much inseparable...and intent on being adopted into a forever family.  

It's tough keeping up with two headstrong and fun-loving kids in a place like this, so we just kept bouncing back and forth between the games Joey and Ambrosia were playing.

Ambrosia is the older of the two...she turns 11 later this year, and Joey is two years younger.

Their case-worker describes them in a nutshell, beginning with Ambrosia.

"Ambrosia right off the bat.   Even to this day, is very kindhearted, very caring, very well mannered a little bit more on the quiet side.   Joe is a comedian.   Very outgoing, very sociable, loves to get into stuff and is on the go constantly.   Just likes to get involved," says Rebecca, their case worker.

Family services is quick to point out Joey and Ambrosia are not your typical sibling set in foster care.

"They're not a child who is just completely isolated from biological family, so with that doesn't come the attachment…the reactive attachment behaviors that you see with other children where they are pushing away from love.   Joey and ambrosia want stability.   They want a family.   They want to be loved," states Rebecca.

Ambrosia is enjoying cheerleading, and just started taking gymnastics.   Joey is all about sports, especially football.   All the potential in the world lies with these two young people, if they could just find a permanent loving family.

"That would be to find a two parent home, ideally Joey and Ambrosia would be the youngest children of the children in the home if not the only children in the home, and culture, and religion is very important to both Joey and Ambrosia.   They both attend church regularly and they get involved with Sunday school and church choir things like that," adds Rebecca.

"They are great they're a package deal.   I mean you got the outgoing and you know the fun energetic kid in one and then you have the nice soft-spoken very respectful well mannered and the other.   They complement  each other," says Rebecca's.

Ambrosia and Joey are free and clear for adoption.   If you think you might be interested,

...get started in the process now by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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