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Las Vegas Company Designs Underwear for Security Screenings

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LAS VEGAS -- Stricter security measures at airports might be a cash cow for at least one Las Vegas inventor. A Las Vegas man has designed underwear that protects people's privacy while traveling.

Rocky Flats Gear is a company most folks haven't heard of, but Jeff Buske, the man behind the product, says his company will give frequent flyers a little more privacy.

For some, the issue is TSA's new pat down procedures. For others, the concern is body scans. Regardless, many agree flying isn't as easy as it used to be. It's that extra inconvenience that Buske hopes to capitalize on.

"My background is electrical engineering and years ago I worked for General Electric Medical Systems, designing and building x-ray systems," he said.

His invention is a special kind of underwear he says not only blocks a person's private parts while being scanned, but also from potentially harmful rays.

"It's been well known that x-rays and ionizing rays in general are hazardous to cellular life and DNA," he said.

Buske says the strategically placed fig leaf and other designed inserts are made of a powdered metal that won't set off metal detectors, but will give people piece of mind. Buske says thousands have already been sold and sales are only getting better.

The specialty underwear is available for men, woman and children. Prices start as little as $10 and go up from there.

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