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8/18/2010 Amanda is a Beautiful Teen Still Hoping for a Real Family

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Most foster children never stop hoping for permanency...especially today's Wednesday's Child, Amanda, who has pretty good driving skills for a 13-yr-old.

We're at Pole Position, and Amanda can hardly wait to get behind the wheel of one of these go-karts.

First there was all the pre-race preparation, but then she distinguished herself on the course quite well, thank you.

Amanda is an achiever.   She plays the clarinet, loves science, and has lofty goals for her life:

"I really want.   When I'm older to be a veterinarian, I want to help animals and stuff," says Amanda.

...All of that despite many disappointments in her young life.   Her case worker -- Jackie --  who's known her for some time can't say enough good things about Amanda.

"She has a lot of spunk she has a lot of charisma and she just needs a permanent home that's what we're looking for and hoping to have for her," explains Jackie.

Indeed, the sky is the limit for Amanda with the right loving home.

"Amanda needs a family that's willing to support her support her interest, but most importantly stay committed to her.   She's been in care for quite some time and she just needs someone who can be committed to her.   I mean she's an amazing girl obviously beautiful talented smart she likes school," says Jackie.

"Just people who are loving friendly and open, who are like willing to realize that everyone's opinion matters and being able to like be really caring and understanding what I need and wan," says Amanda.

Amanda is free and clear for adoption, and eager to have a forever family.

If you think there's room in your home and your heart for this lovely young girl, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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