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8/04/2010 Three Brothers Mean Triple the Adoption Reward

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'Seems as if every other Wednesday's Child profile we do is a sibling set of three.   But it's important to keep brothers and sisters together... And the set of three brothers you're about to meet are the perfect example.

What red-blooded boy doesn't like to drive go-karts?  Brothers, Manny, Emir, and Sky lined up in the pit as if they were the Bush brothers and Jimmy Johnson.

All those laps.... A quick breath, and the boys were back on the video game track.

We asked the boys' foster mother to tell us about each of them, starting with the oldest, Manny who is quite the budding artist:

"He's really into it and he can sit down and he does origami, he's good at that.   I mean, anything like that he's good at baseball, football, but art is his passion.   It really is," says Jean, the foster mother.

Emir is the middle brother, quiet and lovable:

And he wants to kind of like  lay his head on my shoulder and you know, let me know that he needs to be loved or hugged, you know because he's had a hard life…Emir has had an unbelievable life," adds Jean.

Finally, the youngest is Sky...a real helper around the house:

"He loves it.   You can keep them busy that way, andI like it that way because he's a joy.   He's really a joy, I don't have to beg him to vacuum the floor missed jean on vacuum on the floor.   Yes, so... So he loves doing things like that," says Jean.

Finally, she says, these boys have clear needs in an adoptive home:

"That they need a good loving family, someone who's really going to be there for them 24 seven 365 days: the year.   Please, someone that really can give them what they have not had.   And that's love and patience they haven't had that from their mom, they've seen a lot: drugs, you name it those kids have seen it," admits their foster mother.

Manny, Emir and Sky are overdue for adoption.  

If you think they could be part of your home, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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