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7/21/2010 A Sibling Set of Three Beautiful Girls

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Wed's Child today profiles 3 lovely little girls looking for a permanent home.   While they are each unique...taken together...they're already a family.

We're at the Lied Discovery Children's Museum on a busy Summer day with lots of other kids in the house, but our focus is on three beautiful blond sisters who stand out in the crowd.

The oldest at 8  is Anastasia... Happy sweet...concerned about her sisters, but no so much she can't have fun herself.

"She's a very energetic, open-minded, she can be very creative when she puts her mind to it and she's fun to play with," says Kofo, their case worker.

Next is Marie, at age 5...she takes a little time to get to know you, but once she does, can be very engaging.

"Once she does when you get her talking, you will start laughing, because she's very intelligent for a five-year-old.   You'll just be amazed at some of the things she says.   Very intuitive.   Very intuitive," adds Kofo.

Then, the youngest of the three -- Emma -- is a curious toddler of 2.

"She's very uninhibited, and she's not very fearful of anything she'll try pretty much anything, but she's very energetic.   She really is, she's just a big ball of energy," says Kofo.

These three are bonded and must be placed together.

"I think it's important that they stay together because they been around each other, since their whole life.   And to separate them would be just very detrimental for them.   It would be very difficult for them to adjust to being separated, it wouldn't be good, they built that socially bond and you want to keep that," admits Kofo.

The perfect parents would need to provide guidance and structure, sure... But lots of love.

"Those girls deserve, they had they had a rough life before their mom, before they went with another family, but they deserve the best, they'll be loving, they'll be caring, and we need parents who will accept that," adds KofoI

Family services is open to any and all families that have an interest in this set of 3 sisters.

If you're interested, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 to get the process started right away.

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