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How to Watch Video

We have improved the way you can watch our video online--by story/subject-specific clips!

Here is some explanation to what may be causing the video buffering issues that some of our viewers are experiencing. 

Some Internet service providers are using Network Address Translation (NAT) and not forwarding UDP packets properly.

The solution is to disable UDP in Media Player on the client.

User Data Protocol (UDP) is an Internet protocol, like TCP, which is used to send and receive messages. Unlike the TCP protocol, UDP does not include a procedure for ensuring that individual messages are not lost in transit. Under normal network conditions, it is not uncommon for individual messages to be lost or damaged. By omitting the error checking that is a part of the TCP protocol, UDP can be faster in some circumstances.

Some Cable/DSL modems that use Network Address Translation (NAT) to send the UDP packets, may not forward the packets properly, which can cause the repeated "buffering" stage.  By disabling the UDP protocol, the Windows Media Player will automatically connect to streaming content through the TCP or HTTP protocols.

This is documented in Microsoft knowledgebase article Q307650 "Problems Streaming Content with the Windows Media Player." Here's a direct link:;en-us;307650

When you first click on a video button this pop-up player should automatically launch your Microsoft Media Player within the branding area. If this does not happen, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

1. Get the latest player: You'll need a version of Windows MediaPlayer to view our new video. If you need to download it, go to

***Netscape Navigator Users: After you have selected a version of Windows MediaPlayer, you must install your plug-in. To do this, under the Windows Media Tools and Services drop down menu, select the Windows Media Player Plug-In for Netscape Navigator.

****Mac Users: You must use Windows Media Player version 7.01 or later in order to play clips.  Video clips will not display correctly with Windows Media Player version 6.4 or less.  If you need to download Version 7.01 or upgrade, please go to:

2. Configure your browsers plug-ins: The first time you click on our video, your browser may not know how to play it. All you have to do is change a plug-in setting. When your browser asks you what to do with the video, choose Pick Application. It will then want to know which application to use. Choose Browse, and locate Windows Media Player on your computer. Your browser will now know to use a Media Player to watch all our video content.

3. Enable JavaScript: If you've disabled JavaScript, you cannot watch our video content.

4. Enable Cookies: If you have cookies turned off, you cannot watch our video content.

For more information specific to Media Player, please go to the Media Player homepage at

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