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Free CPR Training Offered All Week Long in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS -- When seconds count, how prepared are you to save a life? Even though it may be intimidating to perform CPR, local firefighters and doctors are teaming up over the next week to teach people how to save lives.

Local doctors and firefighters are teaming up to teach valley residents the basics because reacting even before paramedics arrive is crucial in saving someone's life.

If you think CPR is too complicated, think again, even the most basic chest compressions can save a life.

Michael Stavinsky has taken CPR before but with a one-year-old son, this training takes on a whole new meaning.

"We have the little one and God forbid anything happened to him but we want to be a little more educated and a little bit more prepared to help save his life if it ever occurs," said Stavinsky.

With less than 15 minutes of training, he and his wife both now know what to do if help is needed. It's this kind of training local doctors and firefighters are hoping to teach as many valley residents as possible.

According to a local deputy fire chief, too many people stand by and watch when someone is unresponsive. Only 30 percent of bystanders attempt CPR.

But this training could help change that. New data from the American Heart Association shows that when chest compressions are applied immediately and continuously until help arrives, the chances of survival are much greater.

"It used to be a really high premium on doing mouth to mouth breathing or getting ventilation done. That has fallen by the way side to where the real difference is getting that early chest compression in and keep going, keep getting the circulation going even if you can't get the breathing done," said Battalion Chief Jon Stevenson, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

"We can just start pressing on their chest, a simple process and we can increase the number of people that survive by two, three, maybe four times what we are seeing today, said Dr. Debbie Goodwin, CPR instructor.

It's a simple concept that could save hundreds of lives in Las Vegas or in the Stavinsky's case, their little angel.

The new CPR guidelines also say to do the chest compressions harder and faster.

There is still a full week of available sessions. It only takes about 15 minutes and it is great practice on a mannequin.

For a compete list of the times and locations of the available sessions click here.

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