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Clark County School Board President Terri Janison's Full Response

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The district is committed to the responsible use of public monies and the necessity to provide all public documents in a transparent and timely manner. Please know that there is no single, central department to respond to public records requests. This means that records are owned and typically provided by various school district departments and divisions, and information must be collected from each source in order to fill larger requests. While it is the goal of all department and divisions to provide information as quickly as possible, this process requires time, personnel and resources to gather the various elements that often comprise records requests.

The district has considered the creation of a central resource to help expedite the process; however, as a result of budget cuts, this idea cannot currently be pursued.  While technological advances allow for many district records to be kept electronically and provided to the public at a reduced cost, the district uses multiple data systems that must be accessed and correlated before a response can be given. Additionally, not all records can be accessed electronically and must be manually pulled from multiple file locations. If you remember, the district had plans to integrate major systems into one centralized program; however, due to budget cuts, the conversion was halted.

As our budget allows, the Clark County School District continues to explore new business approaches that can reduce costs and improve efficiency, such as teleconferencing, online training and integrated business systems.

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