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6/30/2010 Three Lovely Sisters Are a Prize Adoption

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There is no substitute for a permanent home, and tonite's Wednesday's Child sibling set of 3 girls hasn't had that kind of stability for more than a year, now. We're hoping someone watching now will want to be their forever family.

At the Mini Gran Prix, these three sisters didn't want to drive the go-carts, but they jumped right into the driver's seat of some fast-paced video games.

It really doesn't matter what they're playing -- these sisters enjoy being with each other.

Suzette is the oldest at 13, Sophia is close behind at 12, and little sister Cassie is 8.   Each has her own unique personality.

"I got impression that I got from spending time with them.   I think Cassandra is kind of shy, UI think Suzette is probably playful, but I think Sofia is the serious one and I think she will just have a discussion before they make a decision.   She seems very wise beyond her years.
Yes, there's a certain challenge in adopting a set of three young girls, and there will be adjustments," says Constance Holdip, an adoption recruiter for the County's Division of Family Services.

"It's a challenge, but I think it's important to allow them to own up to their own feelings and not sabotage or their feelings go under because this whole, everything is a process and so I think it's important, I'm not a therapist, but it's important for them to own their own feelings, it's okay it's okay and is pretty normal that you would want to be with your own parents, that's pretty normal," adds Holdip.

All three do well in school, they like music and sports -- and dolphins....   They support each other, and need to stay together.

They need to stay together because they are siblings and they get along and they depend on each other.   They're bonded, they have a very close bond.   I just think, and I just think the team would say to that.   It's just necessary that they stay together they're family," admits Holdip.

Family Services is open to any and all families that have an interest in this set of 3 sisters.

If you're interested, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 to get the process started right away.

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