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Nevada Congressman-Elect Ready to Hit the Road Running

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Joe Heck Joe Heck
Dina Titus Dina Titus

LAS VEGAS -- It was one of the closest races of election night with Dr. Joe Heck winning by nearly 2,000 votes to beat out incumbent Dina Titus in the race for Nevada's Congressional District Seat 3.

Dina Titus' campaign web page has already been taken done and replaced by a letter thanking everyone for their support and friendship during the campaign and over the past two years. It says that the end result wasn't what she had hoped for, but she is proud of the effort put forth.

Heck's page on the other hand was still up and running but had the words thank you across the front. There is little time to rest for congressman elect Dr. Joe Heck. With just a couple of months before he heads to Washington D.C.,  Heck already has his priorities laid out.

"The first thing is how to do we get the economy kick-started and how do we get small businesses to create jobs? The stimulus package failed to do that, the hire act has failed to do that. We need business people with small business experience in Congress to try to craft legislation that will truly start to hire people and get them back to work," said Heck.

Health care will also be a top priority. While he agrees people shouldn't be turned away due to pre-existing conditions, he does oppose parts of the Health Care Bill.

"We're trying to kick start the economy and the way to do that is to not put $52 billion of taxes on businesses."

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Dina Titus is preparing for a different path.

"I'm going to be teaching this semester. I'll be back in the classroom. It will be nice to be a critic from afar rather than my own neck on the line so I'll get to analyze these races and what the impact of this money has been," Titus said.

And though the election didn't have the outcome she wanted, Titus says she has no regrets and wishes remaining Nevada democrats well.

"We need them now more than ever because there is a real tsunami of greed and anger and ignorance so we have to fight back," Titus said.

Heck says he's known for reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats and plans to take that mentality to Washington, D.C. 

"We're excited, we're nervous, we're humbled. We're just looking forward to getting there, rolling up our work sleeves and getting to work," he said.

Heck says he will go through his orientation in two weeks. During that time he'll find out what the rules are about other employment. He currently has a small business and is an emergency room physician so he will find out if that is something he will be allowed to continue doing while in office.

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