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Do Polls Actually Influence the Election

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Marvin Longabaugh Marvin Longabaugh

LAS VEGAS -- Chances are, you've gotten your share of calls from political pollsters the last few weeks asking which candidate you're voting for. But do these polls actually influence voters?

Some voters say the polls don't influence who they support in the election. The founder of a Las Vegas polling company says all these polls, whether you believe in them or not, do have a lot of influence when it comes to drawing voters to the polls.

"Polls are also very significant in turning out the vote. If someone says one candidate has a 15 to 20 point lead on another and they supported the person that's behind, they might be less enamored with bothering to go vote thinking it won't make a difference," said Marvin Longabaugh with Magellan Research.

Longabaugh has been working on gathering information for various polls since the late 90's. His office at Magellan Research is taking a break from calling voters after working non-stop for the last few weeks. He says the calls that came out of this center ranged from which candidates people support, to issues like immigration.

Tamara Nash cast her absentee ballot Monday at the Clark County Government Center. She says the polls didn't influence her vote.

"I hate the polls. I think that the polls -- people are often influenced and I think people need to think for themselves and the information they have," she said.

Magellan says they call about 600 people when working for a candidate or on a particular issue and the calls can be made to various households.

Longabaugh says there is a tendency among some voters to want to back a winner, and if they know that someone has a very large lead they may, if they were undecided, gravitate towards that person.

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