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Secretary of State: Voter Fraud Allegations Unsubstantiated

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LAS VEGAS -- Secretary of State Ross Miller is furious over charges of voting fraud in Nevada.

Wednesday, he fired back in a news conference to deny allegations that there has been vote buying and problems with voting machines.

The allegations are coming from a mailer sent out by Republican Sharron Angle's campaign which accuses her opponent Senator Harry Reid of illegally buying votes.

Miller called the rumors of election fraud far from the truth and says they need to stop. 

"Nobody has personally witnessed it, or seen the activity or could point us to a specific person that we could further the investigation," said Miller.

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He learned of the flyer through the media and says his office is ready to investigate but he has no where to start. 

"We will go out and investigate, but we need some shred of something. Sherlock Holmes and Columbo have something to start with, they are giving us nothing other than these rumors that keep circulating," he said.

The fraud allegations include candidates already being selected for voters when they go and cast their ballot. Larry Lomax, the Registrar of Voters for Clark County, says that is impossible.

"One of the advantages of this machine is when I make a selection or inadvertently touch the screen it's very clearly indicated that I made it. There's a green check mark that appears next to my selection and all the other circles disappear. This prevents over voting. You can not vote for two candidates," Lomax said.

Some voters told 8 News NOW they had no problems at the polls.

"It prints out a little report. You can go backwards if you need to. Everything's there. It's pretty self-explanatory," said Yvonne Gant, early voter.

"You can just push the back button or if you get all the way to the end it will give you the option to correct any mistakes that you've made," said Gaybriel Brittian, early voter.

Lomax said there are poll watchers from all the parties involved at the polls when voters are there to avoid any discrepancies.

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