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6/23/10 OMG! Joshua is SO Cute!

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Those of you who are ready to adopt will want to grab the phone, 'cause we guarantee the young man you're about to meet on Wednesday's Child will get lots of calls.   Why not make yours the first?

We're at a place called 'My Gym' with loads of activities for kids Joshua's age, but this is the place he delighted in... Throwing the balls all over the place.

Joshua just turned two, and has been with his current foster parents about 7 months.

"When we first got them he was just really tiny.   He didn't have a lot of experience with being at the park and playing and even eating food, so...," says Sandy, Joshua's Foster Mother.

But since then, Joshua's been thriving...

"Mostly he likes to play he's like to giggle but he likes to climb into boxes play with balls as we see," adds Sandy.

Joshua is a sociable kid...loves to interact with....

"People, he's a huge people person he wants to play with everyone everywhere he goes wants to talk to the lady in the grocery store, tell her an entire story so," says Sandy.

Joshua plays fine by himself, but prefers to play with someone.   Other than a quick nap after lunch, this guy is go go go.

"He does everything that a two-year-old does you know he likes reading stories.   He wants to go to the park and look at the birds and listen to the birds chirp so he thinks it's funny," says his foster mother.

Mostly, Joshua needs a family that can inspire him, and keep up with him.

"Somebody who gets to stay home and play with them all day long he does like other kids he does want to be in a family who has other kids he wants to play with other people in the social," says Sandy.

Joshua is ready for adoption, and if you are too,

Give the local office of the Adoption Exchange a call right now at 436-6335.

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