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5/26/10 Malachi is Only 4, But What a Sweetheart!

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When you're 4 years old, you aren't very well-equipped to know how the world works.   All the more reason to adopt Malachi -- today's Wednesday's Child -- he's four, needing a forever home.

At Lorenzi Park with this young guy, it took only a few minutes to earn his trust, but then we were off and running.

I mentioned to his caseworker what a handsome guy Malachi is, and she whole-heartedly agreed.

"Yes it is this little guy is so cute, he's got these eyelashes that you would just die for (laughs)," says Gina, an adoption recruiter for the Division of Family Services.

For about half his life, Malachi has been in foster care.   He's with a loving foster family now, but they are not able to adopt.

"No, but they love him dearly.  His foster parent is just willing to work with anyone who would love to take him in to his home.   They are not an option right now, but they are definitely a support system," adds Gina.

Malachi is quick to learn and like most kids his age, he takes in everything.   He's sociable, and responds to affection with big hugs.

Most of all, Malachi would thrive in a loving home with lots of patience and energy.

"Malachi needs a home that's, I think that he would love to be in a home a two parent home, because he's very bonded with his foster father right now.   He would also do well in a home that has other siblings, he's used to having siblings.   He has sibling connections right now, so he really misses his siblings right now so I think he would do well in a home that has other children.   Very sociable," says Gina.

Malachi is ready to enter a home that's approved for adoption.

If you need to begin that process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335

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