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Angle and Reid Take Different Approaches to Final Campaign Days

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LAS VEGAS -- With just one week away from Election Day, all eyes are on the heated U.S. Senate race.

Both campaigns are taking different approaches in this final week -- with Democratic Senator Harry Reid answering questions from reporters at several events a day and Republican Sharron Angle not taking any questions at her campaign events since the debate.

Some political observers say the incumbent Senator is acting more like a challenger, getting his face out in as many venues, while the challenger is acting like an entrenched incumbent protecting a potential lead.

Angle arrives Monday at a campaign event in Reno, not taking any questions from reporters at the site. Angle was asked a question by a woman who attended the campaign event about why she has not talked to the media.

"I don't run from the media. I do a lot of press avails," said Angle.

Angle did run more large public events before the debate than Senator Reid. At times, she would take a few policy questions from the media. At other times, Angle would avoid further questioning.

"Issues in this race are incredibly important. Killing Social Security and Medicare, privatizing the Veterans Administration, privatizing the Department of Education -- these are all long held positions of Sharron Angle's and she's afraid to talk about them," said Phoebe Sweet with the Nevada Democratic Party.

Reid has taken more questions the last few weeks, which does provide a risk, like when 8 News NOW asked him in June about illegal immigrants taking construction jobs.

"He's almost acting like the challenger. In many cases, that type of face time is important for the challenger to take on the incumbent. Whereas Sharron Angle, it's very unusual to see a challenger trying to take on an entrenched incumbent and not sort of meet and greet with reporters on a daily or an hourly basis," said Kenneth Fernandez with UNLV.

The Angle campaign has not responded for comment about the last week of her campaign and her availability for reporter's questions.

Instead, the Angle campaign's attorney released a letter accusing Secretary of State Ross Miller of vote fraud in favor of Senator Reid. Miller's office says there's no proof of these allegations and plans to address them in a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

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