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Voters Tired of Political Mail and Phone Calls

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LAS VEGAS -- Mail boxes all across the Las Vegas valley are cluttered with mailers from political campaigns. For the last few weeks, it's not just the candidates sending out flyers, but other interest groups on their behalf.

It is too late to make mailings stop this year, but the Election Department says all you have to do is download an application, fill it out, and your address and phone number will be withheld.

A lot of voters don't realize this and it is not the post office that handles the removal of your address or phone number -- that has to come from you.

A trip to the mailbox turned into quite a task for Tara Beechek. The political mailers out-numbered her regular mail. The stacks and stacks of flyers make it hard for her to get through the mail she needs.

"It's just a waste of money, of paper, just a waste," she said. "I think there should be some kind of rules like they do with the signs on the street. There can only be so many. Each candidate should only be able to send out so much information. After a while, it's redundant."

Marilyn Fenimore with the United States Postal Service explains how these candidates and groups get voter's addresses and wants to make it clear the post office does not share your address with anyone.

"If they are receiving political mail, it's because they are on a mailing list and the Postal Service does not issue any list for any kind of mailers. The mail we received is already addressed and ready to go, so we don't have access to any lists," she said.

Scott Jones spent some of his day sorting through piles and piles of mailers.

"It just bothers me that they waste so much on printing all these things when they could be using it on other things," he said.

He says this is the most he's seen in his mailbox at one time. Even though he is frustrated, he still plans on voting.

"I get more and more tired of it every year, and I want to take my name off the voters registration just because I don't want to be bugged as much," he said.

To get off the mailing list and to stop all the phone calls, you need to fill out a form and mail or fax it to the Clark County Election Department.

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