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Investigative Reporter Jonathan Humbert and Photojournalist Alex Brauer

I-Team: Angle Camp Welcome Visit From President Obama

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LAS VEGAS --  Senator Harry Reid's challenger Sharron Angle says she's excited about President Barack Obama's visit to Las Vegas. Her party leaders say enthusiasm for Obama has waned in Nevada and the GOP wants to capitalize.

In 2008, for Dems, a picture with then-candidate Obama was gold. Now, two short years later, it may be a liability. The erosion of excitement has continued for the president and Republicans could not be happier.

"We appreciate that Senator Reid bringing his co-conspirator Barack Obama out to Nevada," said Jahan Wilcox with the Nevada Republican Party.

Wilcox says the now isn't so good for anyone friendly with the president.

"The president tasked Harry Reid with his government-run health care bill. He tasked Harry Reid with his stimulus bill," he said.

In the two years since Obama's historic victory swept dozens of Democrats into office, the economy has only slowly improved, something keenly noticed by the Angle campaign in a new ad.

"Things haven't changed much in two years, have they," said Ciara Matthews with the Sharron Angle Campaign.

Matthews has no fear about tying Harry Reid to the once bulletproof president.

"Harry Reid has been the one who's been pushing and promoting and been making deals for all the detrimental policies that President Obama has wanted to see passed," she said.

But the ad also uses an oil-coated bird to try to tie the president to the problems in Louisiana. Tying that to Reid is tougher.

While President Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and others have come to lend support to Democrats, Obama is a polarizing figure. The left sees him as a president with a lot left to fix. The right says he's spent more than he ever should.

Wilcox says that trickles down to Reid and the rest of the Democrats. The "Obama bounce" isn't around this time.

"They came in on the wave because Harry Reid wasn't on the ticket. Now Harry Reid's on the top of the ticket and Harry Reid's going to push them out of office," he said.

A number of Democrats have actually run away from the president's support, even saying so during debates and in campaign commercials. Not so in Nevada. The president's appearance brings big crowds and Reid feels that can help his election with just a little over a week to go.

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