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Obama Rallies Democrats at Las Vegas School

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LAS VEGAS -- President Obama joined Senator Harry Reid on stage at a get-out-the-vote rally Friday night. The theme was "Moving America Forward". President Obama emphasized that he needs someone by his side in Washington.

"I want everybody to say, ‘Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry,'" the president said.

Using a driving analogy he's used in other speeches, President Obama blamed the Republicans for crashing the economy. "You ever notice when you want to go forward in your car, what do you do? You put it in ‘D'. If you want to go backwards, you put it in ‘R'. I don't want to go backwards. Let's go forward," the president said.

"They are basically betting on all of you having amnesia," he said. "They're banking on the fact that you might forget who got us in this mess in the first place. So, let me tell you, Las Vegas, you have not forgotten. I have not forgotten. We are not going to buy what they are selling. That is the choice we've got in this election."

Nevada's electorate is divided. The state's economy is still suffering from the housing crisis and record unemployment. Reid stressed the economy during his speech. "There are three important issues on my mind and on your mind: Jobs, jobs and more jobs," he said.

Reid's opponent, Republican Sharron Angle, blames Harry Reid for the high unemployment, but President Obama said jobs have been saved, or created, because of the stimulus.

Unlike his last visit, President Obama did not specifically address Angle. Reid, however, did criticize her for her positions. "They're extreme. They're dangerous, and Nevada can't afford them," Senator Reid said.

Reid is hoping the president will make a difference in one of the tightest and most closely-watched races in the country. Las Vegas residents have different views about the effect of the president's visit.

"I think his presence will help show the support that's needed for them, and hopefully, it'll bring the voters out too and push them over the threshold," said Las Vegas resident Angela Scurry.

"The president is Democratic, and the only people he's going to touch are from the Democratic Party. So, I don't truly believe that it will help Harry Reid for the president to be here," said Las Vegas resident Jason Geyer.

This is the president's third trip to Las Vegas in a year.  The Democratic National Committee organized this visit. Obama has been on a whirlwind national tour to drum up support for Democrats in tight races like Reid's. Senator Barbara Boxer in California and Senator Patty Murray in Washington also face tough races. The most recent polls show Senator Reid and Congresswoman Dina Titus both behind their Republican challengers.

Obama spoke at Orr Middle School. The program began around 4:30 p.m. and the president arrived around 6 p.m. After his speech, he attended a private fundraiser. Obama will stay in Las Vegas overnight and leave Saturday.

First Lady Michelle Obama, meanwhile, is scheduled to visit Las Vegas November 1. The details of her visit are still unknown.

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