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Eldorado Students Pay Tribute to Fallen Teacher

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Tim VanDerbosch Tim VanDerbosch

LAS VEGAS - For 30 seconds before Thursday night's football game, the crowd at Eldorado High School stood silent. They paid tribute to Timothy VanDerbosch, a teacher at Eldorado who died following an early morning assault on Wednesday. Students also honored VanDerBosch by releasing blue balloons into the air.

"He was my favorite teacher," said Eldorado senior Jessie Grossman. "He was the best. He knew how to teach us, and how to get us to learn, and to appreciate learning. He knew how to get us to love science."

The 50-year-old teacher was beaten and robbed Wednesday morning while walking to school. His assailants left him lying in the street, where a car struck and killed him.

"It was more of a shock, really," said Eldorado student Jake Henry. "No one really knew that it would be him, really, because he wasn't the kind of person that you would see going out late at night and putting himself in dangerous situations."

The students called VanDerbosch "Mr. Vandy".  Instead of driving to school every day, he walked. On Wednesday, he became one of four victims assaulted by a group of criminals on a robbery spree. That makes some of Mr. VanDerbosch's current and former students angry.

"I didn't expect that to happen," Grossman said. "We wanted him at our graduation. We were going to come back and visit him. So, it's really hard to let go of that and to realize that he's not going to be there anymore."

Now, students are moving on and say this tragedy will only make them stronger. "We've really come together as a family now," Grossman said. "We're so much closer now. We've done so much to be able to pull each other through this, and just to stick together, and be able to pull this as a family."

Students also paid tribute another teacher who died this week. Pamela Orr-Sowers' death, however, was unrelated to VanDerbosch's.

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