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Doctor Eliminates Diabetes in Lab Mice

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For the first time ever, scientists believe they are on the cusp of a cure for Diabetes. Doctor Donald Jump at Oregon State University was able to eliminate type two diabetes in lab mice.

What he did was boost the enzyme called fatty acid elongase-five in mice livers. That enzyme is repressed when we eat a high fat diet, so when it was boosted in the mice, they were cured of the disease in five days.

"The animal's hyperglycemia disappeared and their fatty liver disappeared and their insulin resistance disappeared," said Dr. Jump. "We were very dazzled by this outcome."

The lab is now turning their focus on why this worked, and if it can work in people.

The enzyme, which one day could be incorporated into a new drug strategy, also pushed blood sugar levels to normal values, and reduced the triglceride level in the liver. That means protecting patients from Fibrosis, Cirrhosis, and other liver diseases.

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