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5/19/2010 Anayla: 8 Years Old and Full of Life

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Remember what it was like to be 8?  now, think about being 8, but not having a permanent home.   That's the situation with today's Wednesday's Child....a situation you might be able to fix.

You'd think with all the wind we've had lately, getting a kite to fly would be a cinch... But that turned out not to be the case.

Anayla was not to be denied, though... Kinda like the faith she has in eventually being adopted.

"She's expecting her real family or her mom back and I think they've talked to her several times that her mom won't be coming back so now she's expecting a family," says Christian, Anayla's Foster Father.

Anayla is pretty well-rounded, despite being bounced around the system here 'n' there.  

"She's seven but she acts like she's about 15 she's been in the system a while so she knows what's going on she's not afraid, but, she's just looking for someone to love her and take her in permanently," says Christian.

You can see her favorite color is purple.   She likes people, and she likes school.   Her foster father thinks she has potential for a certain profession.

"She can be a good lawyer she likes to talk, very argumentative (laughs). She likes to challenge you on a lot of things, and then you per on she says okay and then just looks at you and says alright and goes away so she likes to talk," adds Christian.

Anayla just needs a good structured home, and a loving family to be there for her forever.

"Whoever adopts her as long as they understand she's going to need a lot of attention and once she gets settled and then she'll realize okay I'm here and then you'll see a different person," admits Christian.

Anayla is free and clear for adoption, and eager to meet her new parents.

If that's you, please get the ball rolling now by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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