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5/5/2010 Keep Up! Justin is Full of Energy!

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Whoever adopts today's Wednesday's Child is going to have to seriously ramp-up the energy, cause Justin is non-stop.   Dave Courvoisier met-up with Justin the other day at Lorenzi Park.

Hang on for a fun ride, 'cause Justin never really stops talking...or moving.   We started with the ducks in the pond, but quickly moved on to other things... By the way, I asked, and Justin is not ADHD... Just all boy.

"He is definitely a boy's boy if you like that high energy play the sports walk the dog go fishing jump skip hop that is Justin he is a typical boy as far as that's concerned," says Vickie, Justin's case supervisor.

Ahem, speaking of fishing, we did stumble-upon a nice gentleman fishing at Lorenzi that day who was willing to let Justin grab the pole, and no sooner did he get the pole in his hands than he had a live one!

And not just fishing... I took Justin to the rose garden at Lorenzi, and he was just as comfortable there as he is at school.

"No he does do well in school he likes things very neat and very organized he's now in a phase where he wants to understand everything is this fair is that not fair so he asked a lot of those kinds of questions but he's an amazing kid as far as school.

Justin likes football, basketball, video games, and animals.   He needs a home where parents would focus on him almost exclusively for a while.

"What we need is a committed family we need somebody who can be committed to him and through his more challenging behaviors to the behaviors that you can absolutely love and adore we need somebody who can be committed to him.  He needs the structure he missed the discipline he needs the rules and we need someone who can also let their hair down you know the dog out run around and be okay with that I mean he needs all of that he's definitely a traditional boy in that sense," adds Vickie.

Justin's been on Wed's Child before, with some siblings.   Now he's on his own, but would like to keep contact with the rest of his family as time goes by.

If that's ok with you, and you'd like to bring Justin in as your son, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335 to get the process started.

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