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4/7/2010 Jaquahan More Than Makes Up For His Size

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Most any kid can achieve his or her dreams when they have the foundation of family.   Today's Wednesday's Child has lots of dreams...so let's hope someone watching can give him that foundation

The first thing you notice about Jaquahan is his smile...it's big, like his heart... But his stature doesn't help much with his first love: basketball.

"Unfortunately genetically he wasn't very gifted, size wise, but that's all right. The world needs more Steve Nash's he's got some excellent hands he can hang on the ball better than again, some kids twice the size," says Brian, Jaquahan's case worker.

Jaquahan wasn't sure what to make of this old fire engine at the park... And seemed only mildly interested in the french fries we got... But perked right up when we found a ball to throw...so he loves sports...but what else?

Jaquahan is an amazing artist, a very talented artist. He's worked in several different medium. He's an excellent drawer he can sit and do sketches all kinds of things sometimes caricatures sometimes quite real-life stuff.  Jaquahan has a wicked sense of humor, a very sharp wit, and it was impressive to see him cut down kids who are literally twice the size and they've got the size advantage, but boy a couple words out of him and he puts them in their place and that was the end of it," adds Brian.

Jaquahan's test scores are off the charts... And he would like to get into graphic design...   But he used two words to describe himself:

"Supportive. Helpful," says Jaquahan.

Jaquahan wants to be adopted into a home with patience that can give him the attention he needs.

"He's got wonderful heart. Jauahan is one of those kids that he wears an all out on his sleeve lets you know exactly how he's feeling good and bad and bless him. He doesn't hide anything he doesn't keep things pent up.. If he's ticked off he'll let you know, but if he's in a good mood you'll know too catch that smile a mile away he is a very good kid, a very outgoing kid and he has a lot of good strong positive points to him," mentions Brian.

Jaquahan is free and clear for adoption, and has a lot of potential.   If you want to help him find his dream of becoming an artist,  call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335 to get the ball rolling.

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