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Senate Candidates Court Hispanic Voters

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LAS VEGAS -- Election day is only a few weeks away and U.S. Senate candidates are working hard to get voters in their corner. Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spent the morning with Hispanic leaders telling them why they should keep him in office.

And a new poll by the Pew Hispanic Center shows Latinos will more than likely vote for the Democratic candidate.

Pew says nationwide, two thirds of registered Latino voters are more likely to vote for the Democratic candidate in their local Congressional district. But this year, that same study says they are less motivated to go to the polls.

Reid believes his Latino supporters will turn out. "If you look back in the past, this is wonderful because Hispanics are turning out so much stronger than they ever have. So I think you have to look at the glass being half full and not half empty," he said.

Latinos voters make up close to 13-percent of Clark County registered voters. Reid held a question and answer session with Hispanic leaders in Las Vegas. He answered all types of questions, including how to bring construction jobs to the area and how to fix Nevada's education system.

But one of the main topics talked about was the negative ad campaigns being run about Reid's relationship with illegal immigrants. Hispanic leaders say the community is upset over those ads and are offended by Sharon Angle. They believe that resentment is going to carry over to the polls.

"We have a number of Republican Hispanics who came here who do embrace Senator Reid and are very upset as to the vilification of our people to Sharon Angle," said Fernando Romero, president of Hispanics in Politics.

But the Nevada Republican Party disagrees.

"There is a way to come here legally. Sharon Angle is saying that we need to follow the law. We need to secure our borders and there is a right way to come to our country," said Republican Party spokesperson Jahan Wilcox.

While many think Hispanics are mostly concerned with immigration reform, that's not their top priority. The Pew Hispanic Center says they are first concerned with jobs, education and health care.

Sharon Angle's campaign was not available for comment, but they sent a statement saying, "The immigration ads simply highlight another area in which Senator Harry Reid has failed the country and the people of Nevada. Nevadans are overwhelmingly opposed to legislation giving tax breaks to those who are here illegally."

It goes on to say that Angle supports and welcomes anyone wishing to come to the United States in accordance with the law.

Nevada Latinos say they are watching this race closely.

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