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3/31/2010 Three Sisters Could Love Life Even More With a Family

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You are gonna live the smiles and laughter that our three sisters bring to Wednesday's Child today.   They must stay together, and after seeing this, you'll understand why.
We're at Lorenzi Park with Jocelyn, Jaclyn, and Giselle...

That's Jocelyn, with the striped shirt.   She's the oldest at 8.

"Oh she's very smart....very smart, she loves to read, they love TV, they love movies, but she loves to read, reading is her passion, and she loves school...uh, she's mild ..she's the easy one, she's the oldest, but she's the easiest," says Debbie, their Foster Mother.

Debbie has helped them through a tough transition, but says they understand someone else will adopt them.

"We talk about it...and they want me to stay in their lives....they say, Miss Debbie, if we get a new mommy, uh, ...are you gonna e able to visit us?...and I say yeah."

That's fine with Jaclyn...the second oldest, but maybe the one who really runs the show.

"She's the one, she's ...more the oldest like, the oldest, she's 7. She's like more the oldest one, she wants to be the oldest," explains Debbie

Then, Giselle is the youngest at 5, and a force all her own.

"Yeah, she likes school, now she's the spunky one, she's the comedian, she's the one that's funny, she's really, she's the one that'll have you laughing'...she says a lot of funny things...so she's full of life," adds Debbie.

These girls need a home with consistency and structure, and a lot more:

"Uh...lessee...a  home that has a lot of laughter, lotta love, lotta fun, cause they like to kid and joke...you know, parents that could be relaxed, and accept them for who they are, you know?...and they just want a happy home...they just want to be kids, normal kids, no stress...just normal...   That's what I tell 'em....it shouldn't hurt to be a kid," says Debbie.

Jocelyn, Jaclyn, and Giselle are free for adoption to the right family.   If you think that's you, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335 to get started in the process.

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