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3/24/2010 Two Brothers Looking for a Forever Family

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Wednesday's Child today is a pair of brothers hoping for a forever family.   Dave Courvoisier met up with 'em at Lorenzi Park on a great day for feeding ducks. 

The ducks 'n' geese were willing, the boys were wary...   Nonetheless a whole package of crackers disappeared in no time.

Justin and Josh are a matched pair.   Justin is the older at 13, and Josh is 10.   Like most brothers, there's a friendly rivalry going on here.   But it's clear they're close and want to stay together in the same home, in fact,  when I asked justin what kind of adoptive family he wants, he was pretty honest:

"I'm not gonna be greedy or anything, but I would like it to be in a good controlled environment, and kids hanging' around my age, and stuff, and a good school and stuff," said Justin.

Justin is a member of the gardening club at school, but likes sports, and is good at math.   He and his brother are both big on video games....and Josh is into a lot of things.

"You know, um, Josh, the youngest of the two, he is like completely active, he's doing Tae-kwon-do, he's gonna be doing' swimming, he wants to do tap....he just likes to be active," say Rich Mills, of the County's Division of Family Services.

These two are in a good foster home, but it's not an adoption resource... And age is not a factor,  at 10 & 13, they still want to be adopted.

"A lot of kids, you know, their age, sometimes, say, you know I don't want to be adopted, or. You know, but in this case, Justin, 13, is still saying that he wants to be adopted, and that's very important for him," adds Rich.

Both boys say they want a big family with cousins, and grandparents, and other siblings.

But they're able to articulate what they want, and they're like "I want a family...I want a normal life"...and it's important for them," says Rich.

Justin and Josh are ready for adoption.   If you think they could be part of your family, contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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