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Las Vegas Becomes Ground Zero for Alzheimer's Research

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Dr Jeffrey Cummings, the director of the Cleveland Clinic's new Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in downtown Las Vegas, talked to me on World Alzheimer's Day. Although it is one of the most common of several brain diseases they study and treat, Alzheimer's is also one of the most feared.

Dr Cummings explained that every time we forget a name, or cannot come up with the perfect word, we may overreact, because we have an underlying fear of one day losing our memory entirely.  That's what happens with Alzheimer's. Fortunately, not everyone who experiences those memory lapses winds up having Alzheimer's.

Is there any way to prevent Alzheimer's with lifestyle?  Dr Cummings told me, yes, as far as we know, the same behaviors and health habits that keep our heart healthy, appear to help stave off Alzheimer's.  Among those are: regular exercise, a diet high in anti-oxidants, and a life without smoking. So get going if those aren't part of your life right now. The only thing you have to lose is your mind.

I've provided some links to more information about Alzheimer's and brain health.

The Cleveland Clinic:

The Alzheimer's Association:

The Mayo Clinic:

By the way, you may have seen the new Center for Brain Health in downtown Las Vegas. It's hard to miss. The exterior was designed by Frank Gehry, the architect behind some of the most unusual and controversial buildings in the world, like the Bilbao, Spain Museum and the Sydney, Australia Opera House. The melted windows effect of the Brain Center might be a statement about the cruel and often devastating brain diseases being studied inside. And it gives that part of the city a certain panache.

A great article, with photos of the architect and his building:


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