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Father Releases List of Drugs Erik Scott was Taking

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LAS VEGAS -- The highly anticipated and controversial coroner's inquest into the deadly shooting of Erik Scott will begin at 10 a.m.

(You can watch live streaming video beginning at 10 a.m. on 8NewsNOW.com)

Bill Scott, Erik Scott's father, has been doing what he can to inform the public about his son. He even started a web page and wrote about the dozens of medications and supplements Erik Scott was taking the day he was killed by Metro police officers in front of the Summerlin Costco store.

Read the blog about the medications Erik Scott was taking

Scott's father says he's releasing the prescription list before Metro claims the drugs lead to Erik Scott acting impulsively with his concealed gun.

8 News NOW took the list to a local pharmacist who says the drugs could have lead to manic behavior. Taken individually, the prescribed drugs and nutritional supplements Erik Scott's father says his son took are not considered harmful. But according to the Scott family, there's 32 of them all mixed together.

Because of the lack of released video evidence from the Summerlin Costco, Metro and Erik Scott's family may need to rely on medical evidence. Bill Scott says his son took some prescribed medications for a fractured back from his army service. Scott was prescribed drugs from Dr. Gnoyski at Summerlin's Rehabilitation Associates. It was high dose of hydrocodone pain killer. There was the blood pressure medication and both human growth and bio identical hormones, antidepressants and testosterone. Bill Scott claims some of those drugs were prescribed by Dr. John Pierce at the Ageless Forever Clinic. The steroid prednisone was also reportedly prescribed to help with Scott's back pain.

This mix is seen as a potentially dangerous combo capable of creating erratic behavior by pharmacy Dr. Kenton Crowley.

"Some people who get prednisone can actually get a manic-like effect or dysphoric almost causing a depression type of an effect," said Dr. Crowley, Pathway Specialty Compounds.

Scott's father says Erik took a wide range of 17 nutritional supplements as well. Many of them are available over the counter. There is also an extensive list of seven antioxidants provided by the Scott family. Dr. Crowley says they affect the liver's ability to absorb the more potent drugs reportedly in Scott's system.

"Definitely slow down elimination so that you're getting much longer effect from that particular substance," Dr. Crowley said.

A jury may have to decide if Scott's prescriptions caused him to act threatening towards police officers as Metro claims. Metro says they will not comment on the evidence until it is revealed in the coroner's inquest.

Dr. Crowley also notes Scott's body chemistry could have been severely altered if he forgot to take one dose of any one of his several medicines for just one day. In his medical opinion, changing those prescription levels could have affected Scott's behavior.


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