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Scott Coroner's Inquest Starts Wednesday

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Erik Scott Erik Scott

LAS VEGAS -- A controversial coroner's inquest is set to start Wednesday. The family of Erik Scott is anxious to learn what really happened that day and skeptical about the process.

Now they are looking beyond the inquest. The family's attorney Ross Goodman believes the process is fixed in Metro's favor.

"It's a stacked deck," Goodman said, "Look at their track record -- they're batting 100-percent."

Goodman says with only one coroner's inquest finding an officer at fault for a shooting since the 70's, he already knows that a jury will find that the three officers that killed Erik Scott were justified.

"Given the instructions that are given to them by the prosecutors, without any input from the judge or myself, a jury has to come back and find an officer's actions justifiable," said Goodman.

He says the process is pointless when the Scott family has been deprived of examining evidence. His motion to view it before the inquest was turned down. "That flies in the face of Gillespie and the DA's office saying what a fair and transparent process this is," said Goodman.

Metro hasn't released surveillance video from that day. Goodman says all he can do is sit back and listen with the jury, to the evidence and testimony that's been digested, reviewed, and prepared by prosecutors.

"This is a huge waste of taxpayer money," he said. "The only purpose of it is to put on whatever testimony supports what the police say happened to exonerate them."

But Goodman says this is just the beginning. He plans to file civil lawsuits against the three officers for excessive force and killing Erik Scott.

"At that point we'll have the benefit of doing real discovery," he said. "The officers will have to submit to my questioning under oath in a deposition. We'll be able to subpoena the files. We'll be able to talk to Costco -- find out what happened to the video -- and have real jury instructions based on real law."

Goodman says because this inquest will be televised, there's no doubt in his mind that Clark County leaders will re-examine the inquest process.

The sheriff has asked for patience from the beginning to allow the coroner's inquest to examine what happened that day.

The Scott family released their own viewing guide for anyone watching the coroner inquest, which begins on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

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