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Owner Reacts to Drug Raids

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LAS VEGAS -- A day after five medical marijuana centers across the Las Vegas valley were raided as part of a federal investigation, some are once again back in business and call the raid nothing more than a scare tactic.

The doors at Medical Cannabis Consultants of Nevada have been open since 10 a.m. People have been there all day to show their support.

The raid conducted between the FBI, Las Vegas police and the DEA did not result in any arrests or charges at this point, which has some owners thinking the entire operation was the government throwing it's weight around.

"The main thing that they are trying to use is fear, that I don't have. I might not have financial resources, I might not have infinite time on my hands on this planet to run my mouth about the things I believe in, but I'm not scared and I'm not going to let somebody bully me in my state of residence when more than 60-percent of the people agree with my position," said James Parsons, owner of Medical Cannabis Consultants.

According to a search warrant, authorities were looking for things like marijuana plants, paraphernalia, growing products, books, records and invoices. But Parsons says if that was indeed the case, why did agents remove items like an iPod, Playstation 3, and a Nintendo Wii, but leave items like pipes, books, financial records, and even items he says will allow him to start growing once again.

Customers say news of the raid is disappointing, but should serve as a signal Nevada should and does need to tackle the marijuana issue more seriously.

"I'm 59-years-old. I'm not a kid. I'm not looking to get high. I don't even know what getting high is, to be honest. I just want to get my pain gone so I can sleep at night," said customer James Vanbrammer.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says the raids were part of an ongoing investigation, but did not release any further details. No arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed against any of the store owners involved in the investigation.

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