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New Details Surface in Police Shooting Victim Erik Scott's Past

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LAS VEGAS -- 8 News NOW has uncovered new details in Erik Scott's past that may play a role in the upcoming coroner's inquest of the Costco shooting.

There are a series of allegations against Scott that could help Metro's case in the controversial officer-involved shooting. Taken separately, they are isolated alleged incidents over a period of 10 years. But there are two divorces that lead to two women alleging violence and threats. And an incident just months before the Costco shooting where a man accuses Scott of pointing a gun at him.

To be clear, there is nothing absolutely linking these allegations with what happened to Erik Scott during the shooting. But Scott's past may become a topic during the coroner's inquest.

When Erik Scott was shot and killed July 10, 2010 in front of the Summerlin Costco, it set off a community controversy. Was Metro right in shooting the man they say pulled a gun out after acting erratically inside the store? Or is the Scott family correct in asserting Metro is concealing video tape evidence that will prove Erik did not threaten officers?

The coroner's inquest is scheduled for September 22. Documents and allegations from Scott's past could become a key part of Metro's attempt to show a pattern of violence.

Criminal allegations filed in Colorado by his first wife Violet accuse Erik Scott of domestic battery, leading to a head injury. Arapahoe County sheriffs issued a felony warrant for Scott's arrest that was later resolved during the couple's 1999 divorce proceedings. Attempts to reach Violet -- still living in Las Vegas -- resulted in a call from Erik Scott's father, Bill. He tells 8 News NOW the allegations of abuse are untrue. A family spokesperson says their focus now is gathering evidence before the inquest.

Read Violet Scott's police statement

"What happened between her and Erik really has nothing to do with Erik at Costco," said Lisa Mayo DeRiso, Scott family spokesperson.

Reporter Nathan Baca: "Does she still maintain that it happened?"

DeRiso: "She said that she doesn't have any comment about that. She has no comment."

Scott's family says they've always suspected Metro would start a whisper campaign to smear their son's name.

"That was a sealed document. That was something that was in Violet and Eric's past that was sealed. It was supposed to not even be an issue and apparently Metro was able to get it unsealed," DeRiso said.

Metro tells 8 News NOW they "certainly will not go into specifics" on what may have been unsealed. Adding it will "come out at the appropriate time."

In 2003, Erik Scott met wife number two Lydia Gorzoch. The personal trainer and dancer accused Scott in court papers of threatening violence during their 2008 divorce. No criminal charges were ever filed. Attempts to reach Lydia for further comment have failed.

In March of this year, Erik Scott's neighbor, Steven Novotny claimed his dog got loose, ran to Scott and bit his leg. Novotny further claims Scott pointed a gun at him. Scott is accused of saying, "you're lucky I don't (expletive) kill your dog." Erik Scott's father tells 8 News NOW his son did point a gun at the dog after being bitten but never pointed it at a person. Metro says a detective talked to Scott and decided against filing charges. 8 News NOW called Novotny. He refused to comment further, but stood by his account.

Read police report on alleged aiming of a firearm at another person

Bill Scott adds a message for Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, "They killed the wrong guy this time." Metro says it's unknown whether the District Attorney's office will bring up these past allegations during the inquest. Metro adds they've done a complete investigation, including looking at the "mindset and predispositions of the suspect."

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