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2/17/2010 Stevi and Jon Are Twice the Challenge/Reward

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We introduce you to a young brother-sister pair on Wednesday's Child today.   A couple of good kids, who just need a break..... And a permanent family.

This is our last visit to The Little Pastry Chef or now, but not before you get to see the delightful spark in the eyes of 9-yr-old Stevi, and her brother Jon, who is eight.

So, they're just a year apart, and depend on each other:

"They are close, they have their disagreements like any other kids, but I mean, they're really attached," says Sara, their case worker.

As close as they are, both have their own personality:

"She's really good, she's really well-behaved, , very well-mannered, um minds her P's & Q's at all times...she's in the choir, she does really  good, she's excited, 'cause she's going to be in the talent show comin' up, yeah, it's really cute," adds Sara.

By comparison, her brother is all boy!

"Jon reminds me of like those extreme dirt bike racers, because he just...anything that goes fast, he's like I'm on it, I want it," says Sara.

Both Stevi and Jon are good at school, do their homework, and respond to structure.

They've been in the system about 3 years...now living in a foster home where they're thriving...but they need a forever family.

"Somebody very loving, somebody very patient, and somebody who'd be willing and able to deal with them, and give them the attention that they deserve.  They just need somebody, they're craving stability...I mean, like Jon?...was trying to do his own  recruitment through his church...like writing people letters," admits Sara.

Enterprising kids!  Jon and Stevi are ready for adoption, and need the permanency.

If you think there's room in your home and your family for these kids, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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