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2/3/2010 Brothers Caleb and Joshua Take the Cake

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Go ahead, judge today's Wednesday's Child 'dynamic duo' by the brilliance of their smiles... In this case, it reflects the true character of brothers Joshua and Caleb.

We're back at The Little Pastry Chef this week, with a chance to see the culinary skills of this weeks sibling pair.

Ok, so it wasn't their favorite thing to do, but Josh and Caleb were good sports about it all, and they got to take their cakes home in the end, so if turned out ok.

So if given the chance, what do they like to do?

"Joshua likes, um, cars, he likes x-man, he likes to play basketball, and um, he's very creative, very creative little guy," mentions their caretaker.

And aside from looking up to his big brothers, Caleb has his own agenda.

"Caleb, he says he likes soccer, he's also, he's a big Spiderman fan, yes, he really likes it," adds their caretaker.

On a more serious note, these two brothers take school seriously, and show a lot of promise.

"The sky's the limit, these guys have worked very well due to the circumstances that they had been in, and they're doing well with their family that they're with now, but I think with a lot of patience, and creativity, we can get these guys wherever they want to go," adds the case worker.

First priority, though, is to make sure they remain a pair.

  We definitely want to keep them together...they've been together the entire time, they rely on each other, that's why I call them the dynamic duo (laughs)

next priority, is to find them a loving home.

"We're looking for a family that could take them home and have structure, and be very loving to them, and you know, two parent, one parent, it doesn't matter, just someone who will love 'em," adds the case worker.

Believe me, these kids would adapt quickly to their new home, and bring a lot of joy to your family.

If that's you, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335 to get the ball rolling.

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