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1/27/2010 Patrice is a Smart, Honest Kid

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Today's Wednesday's Child seems a lot more grown-up than her 11 years.   Partly 'cause she's had to grow up fast, and partly 'cause she's just a smart kid

We caught up with Patrice at ThLe Little Pastry Chef where we met with other kids you'll get to know here in the weeks ahead, and where they all got a lesson in baking.

Patrice soaks up learning.   In fact, she's got a passion for school.

"I love school, I hate long weekends..I don't,,,, I love school, I love participating in things," says Patrice.

Her favorite subject is science, but everybody will tell you, patrice is a gifted artist.

"My favorite hobby is drawing...I like so sing, I love dancing, I wanna be on the step team, um, in my school...got a step team," adds Patrice.

In short, Patrice is very social, and likes to belong.   That's why she's very open about wanting to have a forever family.

"But she very much so wants to be adopted....we were talking about the types of families that she wanted on the way over here, and she was very very firm:  I want to be part of a family system again... So I think that's important for her," adds her case worker.

"My hope is to find a family that can appreciate me for who I am....that's not like my family that got me in foster care...where I can be stable, and where I can have a good life, that treats me like one of their own.   Somebody who can just love me for who I am," says Patrice.

Patrice's honesty is refreshing, and her needs are clear.

"Um, but we need a family that can stay committed to her, you know, you're a part of this family, we're committed to you, and you will be a part of this family system forever, and that's what she needs," states her case worker.

Patrice has some extended family in the area that she very much wants to stay in touch with.  

If you think there's a place for patrice in your home and with your family, please call the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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