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Yetta Gibson, Reporter

Remember to Keep Your Child Safe from Heat

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(May 23)--The official start of summer is right around the corner and that means 100+ degree temperatures will soon be here to stay. It's also time when emergency crews respond to dozens of scenes where children are left inside of cars, sometimes to die.

"I'm pushing a wheelchair, I have one kid pulling at my shirt tail," says mother of three Kindra Beery Berry says believe it or not, it is possible to actually forget your child.

"I have walked out of a building realizing my daughter was in there. I went out and got her. That's as far as I've ever gone and I can't believe I ever got to that point," says Beery.

Beery's never left her children inside of a hot car, but fire crews respond to scenes all the time were parents have. Ninety-five percent of the time, they happen by accident.

"Any minute you leave your child in this car in the's too long," says Shelly Cochran with Clark County Safe Kids Coalition. Cochran says most time parents forget.

"We have to do whatever it takes to remind us. Use a sticky note....make it a habit of leaving something important like a briefcase a satchel in the back so you know, if my bag is back there the baby isn't," says Cochran.

There have been cases in the valley where children were purposely left in cars while parents did other things. Sometimes the children have died.

Last July, this 4-year old was left inside of a car in 90-degree heat. His father went inside of a strip club to watch the dancers. The child survived.

General Motors is working on a device that would trigger the car horn if a child is left inside and the temperature reaches dangerous levels. That technology is years away.

Kindra Beery says parents should try everything if it means saving their child's life.

"This is a hot town, and it's just a time to pay closer attention.

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