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Unregistered Car Owners Face Stiff Fines

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LAS VEGAS-- Drivers are getting a 30-day warning to get their vehicles properly registered or face tickets and fines.

Las Vegas Constable Robert Gronauer unveiled a program Monday with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to highlight the push to make sure motorists pay fees and get current registration tags. They're calling it the "Fair Share" program.

Gronauer says Clark County Constables will begin policing residents who are driving cars with out-of-state plates. Drivers will face a $1,000 fine and a $100 Constable fee.

For years, some drivers have gotten away with not paying for Nevada registration tags. "They are gaming the system. I really believe that's happening. They know it," said Gronauer.

Although it may cost hundreds of dollars to register a car, the majority of that money goes to roads and education. With so many people not complying, the state loses out.

"There is literally millions of dollars every year that is just not being paid," said Sen. David Parks.

The new program will rely on tips received from a phone hotline where anyone can call and report someone who refuses to register their car. Some Las Vegas residents say they have mixed feelings.

"I think it is really petty. It all comes down to the dollar and the state is trying to get a dollar any way that they can so they get people to rat on each other to get an extra dollar," said Bonnie Zimmerman.

"It's like a tattle tail program," said Gina Marty.

There is a 30-day grace period that will allow a person to get their car registered but on August 25th, enforcement will begin.

Residents are being encouraged to call 455-FAIR (3247) and report people who are living in Clark County but not registering their car locally as the law requires.

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