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Angle Lags Behind Reid in Poll

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LAS VEGAS -- Both Nevada Senate campaigns reacted Friday to new numbers from a 8 News NOW -- Las Vegas Review Journal poll.

Senator Harry Reid now has his largest polling lead against Republican Sharron Angle, 44-percent to 37-percent.

Those numbers already the talk of the Nevada Women's Chamber of Commerce luncheon, where Angle, along with Democratic Congresswomen Dina Titus and Shelley Berkley spoke.

At first, a Republican Party spokesperson said Angle was too busy to respond in an interview to recent poll numbers. She did take questions from the audience.

If the 2010 election for Nevada's U.S. Senate seat were held today, would you vote for:

Harry Reid, Democrat
Sharron Angle, Republican
Another party candidate
None of these

Reid 44% 40% 49% 80% 9% 37% 49% 45% 21%
Angle 37% 41% 33% 8% 70% 35% 32% 34% 64%
Other 4% 4% 4% 1% 6% 8% 4% 3% 5%
None of These 5% 4% 5% 5% 3% 9% 4% 7% 6%
Undecided 10% 11% 9% 6% 12% 11% 11% 11% 4%





"What is your plan to help families take care of their children -- decrease the children who are living in poverty," asked an audience member.

"We need to keep our dollars in this state and we need to concentrate them at the local level where they can do the most good," said Angle.

When asked what Angle would do to help the local economy, she said, "There are corporations that have $2 trillion ready to invest in jobs and employment if we were to give them the confidence they need to take those risks."

Eventually, Angle agreed to give a statement on her slipping poll numbers.

"We always knew that this would have its ups and downs and this won't be the only time where they'll be little ups and downs in the race. It's always going to be close. And that's what we expect, is a very close and competitive race. Thanks a lot for being here," she said.

Check out the full results from the poll

With that, GOP spokesperson Ciara Matthews said Angle wasn't taking any more questions.

Senator Reid was traveling from Washington to an undisclosed campaign stop. A spokesman says their campaign is satisfied at Reid's polling comeback.

"We've always said this election was going to be about a choice. When you have Senator Reid versus another candidate, the choice will be very clear," said spokesman Jon Summers.

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