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Family, Friends Board Buses in Search of Missing Utah Man

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Steven Koecher Steven Koecher

LAS VEGAS - On this hot July day, Sandy Naegle and John Rigg wait to catch the bus. They didn't need a ride. They were on a mission.

They and others are looking for 30-year-old Steven Koecher, who vanished without a trace in December. Naegle is Koecher's aunt. Rigg is a volunteer, who is helping with the effort. Searchers on Friday took several city buses across the valley. They are patrolling areas such as shelters for clues to his whereabouts.

"He doesn't have a car. If he's still in the area, he's going to have to take some kind of transportation," Naegle said. "Everyone is important, but he's very important, and we have a hole."

"It's just about helping the family," Rigg said. "They love him, and they just want to know that he is okay."

Koecher's been missing for nearly seven months. "It's been an emotional roller coaster," Koecher's father Rolf Koecher said. "People ask us how do we keep going?" "I can't imagine one of my kids being gone and not being able to talk to him," Rigg said.

The Utah native was last seen in a surveillance video leaving his car in Sun City Anthem. The family says it's still unclear why he was even in Nevada. "That's the last anyone has seen of him. He just kind of vanishes at that point. There isn't really any trail," said Rolf Koecher.

Reports of sightings of Koecher in the valley give his family hope that he is still alive. Rigg is certain he saw Koecher months ago in a Henderson business parking lot. "He said, ‘I'm looking for day work.' He says ‘I'm trying to get money to get back to Utah to see family,'" Rigg said.

Friday's search turned up nothing, but the family says it is not giving up any time soon. "We prepare and hope for the best. That's kind of how we've been getting through this," Rolf Koecher said. "We feel like you've got to keep doing something to keep it in the public's eyes," Naegle said.

Loved ones are offering a $10,000 reward to the one who finds Koecher. The family plans to board buses and search shelters again on Saturday.

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